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Forget about buying an expensive smartwatch… this is the real deal!

I’m impressed! After researching for an affordable alternative to the Apple Watch, I picked this up for just a fraction of the cost.

It has a fantastic battery life, an always-on screen, a GPS tracker, sleep monitoring, heart rate, tracking app info, and it automatically syncs with my phone, too.

The display is visible even under the sun which means I don’t have to do the hand-shade thing in order to see what’s on my screen. If you’re not sure about this yet, I suggest that you just give it a shot! I did and never regretted it.

- Joan C.

Great watch for a fraction of the price

Having this smartwatch is really cool! I admit that I wasn’t a big fan of smartwatches before, but this definitely changed my mind. It has a smooth strap which feels nice around my wrist. It has an elegant design and the display looks clean and bright all day.

Another good thing about this watch is the battery life. I wore it for 7 days straight and it’s still running. Similar brands cost $400 and have 4 days of battery life tops. Charging time is pretty quick too. Just let it recharge for 2-3 hours and you’re good to go. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase and I’m planning to buy another one for my sister.

- Nancy Y.

My RA hands love me!

As a long-time RA sufferer, it hurts to squeeze, open anything, or catch things with my hands. It was very painful especially at night when it’s cold and damp. I chose this pair based on the reviews and the price … and I wasn’t disappointed! Once I put them on, I felt the pain gradually decrease. My hands still hurt, but it’s getting more manageable compared before. I’m planning to buy another pair for work.

- Michelle Cameron

Nice product to have during the colder months!

While I’m too young to have arthritis, my hands do get cold easily. This pair keeps my hands warm just before I go to work for a few hours. They’re snug, comfortable, and breathable. I like the missing fingertips because it makes the gloves functional and less restrictive when typing on my keyboard or phone.

- Grant Nicholson

Instant Relief!

At first, I was a little bit concerned with how small this pair actually look. I even thought they were for my nephews! But after trying them on, I instantly felt relief and comfort I haven’t had for years. And with the colder season just around the corner, I can sleep soundly at night knowing that my hands are relaxed and protected.

- Dana Blair

Amazing product at an affordable price!

I’m very pleased with my order. It’s very comfortable to wear to bed at night especially when you need to heal up fast. I also wear the sleeve during the day when I’m out shoveling ice to keep me aware when I’m over flexing my elbows. This pair is perfect. It gave me great stability, no elbow pain, and it’s so thin I don’t sweat in them. And it was reasonably priced too! I’m giving this sleeve two thumbs up for price and performance!

- Larry B.

Ditched my old sleeves for this!

I have tried a few brands before, but this pair stood out not only because of the fit but because of the superb customer service experience. I only have to contact them once about the wrong size and they sent out the correct size right away! You have to give this product a chance. You won’t regret it.

- Ryan Q.

Great price, looks good on me!

The design caught my attention since it has this retro-y style to it. Great matte finish and the lens polarization seems better than other brands.

- Douglas M.

Exceptional shades at an affordable price

Super comfortable. It doesn’t slip off my head especially when I’m running. It’s lightweight and flexible which is great since I have sort of a large head. For its price, I think it’s one of the best sunglasses right now. I’m planning to buy one for my brother, too.

- Andrew P.

A Very Good Book For Those Looking To Change Their Diet

Lots of good information especially on how to prepare my meals. One topic that stood out for me is the flat belly herbal recipes on pages 40-41 which helped reduce the weight in areas I’m really concerned about. Today, my meal plan has become similar to the “Blue Zone” diet which is easy to prepare.

Andrew C

Doctor Approved…

I am so amazed with 247 Leangevity Secrets. After reading the entire book, checking study references and reviewing user results, it gets my highest recommendation.

Dr. Amy P, New Jersey

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