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PentagonFit Prime – Smartwatch


PentagonFit Prime – Smartwatch

A military-inspired smartwatch designed to be your travel and fitness companion

  • Optical Health Monitoring And Built-In GPS
  • Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Allergenic, Stretch-Proof Strap
  • Military-Grade Casing and High-End Manufacturing



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The military-inspired PentagonFit Smartwatch allows you to keep track and record your activity so you can stay on top of your goals – whether it’s getting in shape or staying on top of urgent appointments, messages, and projects.

  • Logs Your Progress: It counts your steps and distance (so you never have to wonder if you reach that magical number again!)
  • Extreme Duration: The battery can last up to 33 months without charging which means you can use it longer than almost any other smartwatch
  • Dust And Water-Proof: Wear it when swimming or when hiking to automatically track your progress and distance covered.
  • iOS And Android Compatible: Download your favorite fitness apps and download them directly to your watch.

Get Fit, Stay Organized, And Live Life To The Fullest With PentagonFit Smartwatch

Finally, a breakthrough smartwatch that doesn’t only tell time, but can also helps you stay healthy and organizes your day-to-day activities right on your wrist.

Use it to track your health and activity goals automatically no matter what time of the day. Plus, receive daily updates on what’s happening in your business, family, friends, or at work with just a touch of a button! No need to reach for your phone every 2 minutes.

  • Simple, Timeless Design
  • Daily Activity Record
  • Calorie Burn Tracker
  • Pedometer
  • Information Reminder
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Smart Stopwatch

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