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247 Proven Leangevity Secrets


247 Proven Leangevity Secrets

Discover 240+ little-known, science-backed tips, tricks, and strategies to transform your body, health and mind for many years to come.

  • Over 240+ Tips On How To Lose Weight And Stay Fit
  • Convenient Health And Fitness Guides in Hard Copy & eBook Format
  • Little-Known Alternative Health Strategies To Transform Your Health



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The impressive new 247 Proven LEANgevity Secrets book is designed to help you quickly get Lean + boost your Longevity (hence “Lean-gevity”).

The strategies are based on the breakthrough research about the “Blue Zones” -- select places in the world where the incidence of obesity and chronic disease is much lower than anywhere else on Earth. And where people often live to the ages of 90 and 100 years old, at a rate five or six times more than the general population.

Inside, you’ll discover all simple lifestyle tweaks based on these Blue Zones which you can try today if you wish to lose weight, keep it off, and improve your vitality well over your 90’s and beyond.

Here are the main 4 sections of this new guide:

  • Part I
    Food For Fat Loss – A No B.S. Guide To Building A Body For Life Learn what Blue Zones residents have been doing for many years to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle - and what you can do today to enjoy the same benefits from the food you buy.
  • Part II
    A Muckraker’s Guide To The Health Industry: The Destructive Relationships Between Certain Foods And Longevity Discover the ugly truth about our modern diet, and how you can reverse its effects through a simple, healthy meal plan.
  • Part III
    The Hidden Side Of Weight Loss And Longevity Learn how to clean out your system, protect your body from stress, and beat mental roadblocks in your life to not only lose weight and live longer...but also achieve massive productivity, reduced stress, and heighten your focus.
  • Part IV
    Strategies, Ideas, And Tips For Simple, Fast Weight Loss This special Advanced & Extreme Results section introduces you to our guidelines for maximum fat loss in minimum time, based on your exact body type and current physical condition.

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